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Maya Dusenbery is an executive director of Feministing and author of the forthcoming book Doing Harm on sexism in medicine. I like both of the sites, 4chan is not full of dumb idiots, they are very smart at times, and very helpful as many of you have said, but all of 4chan shouldn't be at blame. Tell tale tit. Non nude 4chan. There are 1, people sick enough to elect to be subscribers, and the forum advertises an associated Subreddit for the sharing of pictures of starving children.

I saw a similar comparison on Reddit naturallyroughly paraphrased it was, 'Reddit rewards the victims, 4chan punishes the aggressors'. But this is misleading as both Western and Eastern content was allowed until a restructuring after moot stepped down. Viacom alleged that YouTube management allowed copyrighted video to be brazenly uploaded to their site because they knew the material would attract more viewers and drive up the value of their company.

Reddit is 4chan with herpes. In many instances, though, the websites still rely on their own users to identify posted content that violates the terms of service. They were on a website where people go to request naked photos of people they may have known and wait for others to post them. Discussions about creepypasta are frequently brought up. Milf cums on cock. Even the biggest asshole can be nice to someone. Anonymous Coward19 Nov 7: Arguably has the dumbest posts on the platform.

But I digress, there are douchebags everywhere nowadays. Hitmen image by Michael Heilemann used under Creative Commons license. The availability of hitmen on the Internet has been a long-running element of web folklore.

Xander C profile19 Nov 4: Paranormal wooand lots of it. Though not a stub by pure word count, this article lacks depth of content. There's sites like bbwchan which are more dedicated to p0rn, 7chan is a more of a forum in comparison to 4chan.

In both, the assassin was Essam Eid, who was caught and charged in both cases, proving that the Internet is perhaps not the best way to advertise such services.

They'll rally behind anyone who opposes the " degenerate " a term they borrowed from the Nazis modern world — without acknowledging that the concept itself was ironically popularized by the Jewish Max Nordau.

Non nude 4chan

Duffy also victimized other teenagers who died in various accidents, including 14 year olds Jordan Cooper and Lauren Drew. I spend quite a bit of time there both looking for news and enjoying content that is pertinent to me.

Marcel de Jong profile19 Nov 1: Reddit's not necessarily some huge funtime adventure. Personally I see 4chan kind of like a developing foreign country. Similarly, self-harm websites cater to cutters and other types of self-harmers, a practice that can become deeply addictive. Some of the material is worthwhile, some isn't. It's anonymous setting makes it easier to share information, but is also ripe for exploit from just a few people to derail a board or thread.

Prefer to get the news as it happens? They could stalk this person and it opens up a risk of sexual assault or other crimes," Honomichl worries. Big hairy pussy xxx. While I'm sure there are many who spend time on one or the other, in the Venn Diagram of both communities, I would imagine there's a fair bit of overlap.

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This section describes the latter group. Flashing naked women. Do they allow their enemies and troublemakers their equal right to speak? It gives juvenile individuals a way to express themselves, and experiment with just how horrible and creative they can be. Your argument does not further a case for the repression of free speech. It's the same chickenshit conformity that creates the capitalistic hierarchy in mainstream social life.

You could tell the world the Earth is round during the dark ages and get downvoted. If you grew up during the heyday of Usenet or BBSes, IRC, some forums, mailing lists you had a pretty good chance of going on to do something in computing. It is here you will find the repository for all the reaction images, GIFs, and WebMs used by the rest of the site.

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I gather it has been very influential in the niche of image memes and I vaguely remember something about teenagers calling everybody a "fag" a few years back, but otherwise I couldn't say what the influence has been. You can find some quotes here: That is the community doing that, not the owners of HN, so I don't understand why you'd have a problem with it.

Retrieved July 13, Major news outlets have reported that the issue may be related to the DDoS-ing of 4chan, and that 4chan users suspected the then-owner of Swedish-based website Anontalk. They helped find the guy that killed the porn actress in the midwest. Non nude 4chan. The thing is that most people here will agree with you that its the posters responsibility what content they upload. Marlon teixeira naked. I need to look past all of that crap in order to have actual human connections I can't get in real life or online.

Should they have been prevented from going on stage? So, how it is any different if you stalked a person online from that doing it in person? Double-click the downloaded file to install the software. It's harder to avoid being just an echo chamber, too. Archived from the original on December 9, Everyone is indeed born with the right of free speech, and I will staunchly defend that right.

Archived from the original on July 17, Archived from the original on September 5, I don't think you can't make money out of 4Chan. The attacks caused Turner's website to go offline. Reddit I can vastly outcustomize compared to 4chan. The stock price of Apple Inc.

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It's the uncontrolled, raw sense of what people are. But what really strikes me about all of this is that in my experience, it often feels like there are many of the same people who hang out on both sites. I've never seen such a group of immature, pot-smoking, haters and perverts than on Reddit. Hot naked women fingering themselves. Rebel wilson nude Archived from the original on April 25, While Reddit has always closed illegal Subreddits promptly, the site came under fire for allowing legal but distasteful Subreddits that sexualized children.

Though the Internet has made it easier for pedophiles to commune in a potentially more anonymous way, it has also given law enforcement a new way to track or lure pedophiles into apprehension. And since the debate and "red pills" are usually about images and blatant propagandaanti- rationalism is actively encouraged by the use of nonsensical "memes". That changed last year. Later that year, the private Yahoo!

Reddit is slowly entering mainstream, which is sad in a way, the site isn't like it was 3 years back, and the top 50 rated comments are predictable recognizable memes from the past few months. Until you realize a group of Redditors' didn't like some guy getting alternative treatment for his wife cancer, so they decided to take it into their own hands. Non nude 4chan. The post gets even more direct listing the city where Carolyn lives.

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NUDE DUDE SEX Those are known facts too.
K kardashian naked Hitmen image by Michael Heilemann used under Creative Commons license.
Sexy cyborg girls But frequently, 4chan is a bit more proactive in pushing its creations on the masses. Moreover, these images are evidence that bad things happen and we can feel justified in doing something about them in real-life instead of only acting on fear.
Katee owens tits People self-censor out of rational fear that they'll lose their jobs. But if we remove the notion of "it's only the Internet" from the equation the same behavior comes under harassment and anti-stalking laws in the US. They wreck the environment and as the saying goes, "This is why we can't have nice things.

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